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Marvin aka Alessandro Moschini and Andrea Prezioso were both born in Rome and met in 1995, when Andrea was searching for a musician and since then they have started a great professional partnership and a good friendship as well.

In 1998  they formed a production team with Andrea’s brother Giorgio, releasing their first single  “Tell me why” in 1999 and peaking Italian, Austrian an German music charts.

This new project, named PREZIOSO feat MARVIN gained a great success all over Italy and abroad, giving birth to their second single “Let me stay” which soon became one of the most played song in German clubs and led the trio to perform at the most important Music Festivals in Italy, Germany and Austria.

In 2000 their success was confirmed by “Emergency EP”, followed by “Rock the discoteck” and in 2001 by “Let’s talk about a man”,an amazing summer hit. In 2001 they released “Bonjour EP”, including “It’s like”,“I’m your deejay”,“Time goes by”, “Somebody”, followed in 2002 by the single “In my mind”.

Prezioso feat Marvin then wanted to do something different and decided to challenge themselves with Italian music,  with a tribute to the outstanding artist Franco Battiato. Their single “Voglio vederti danzare” immediately became a Summer Hit in Italy and Spain,  rewarding them for their efforts with such a remarkable success.